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Underground Drilling

R. Directional Drilling and Underground Technology Inc., was founded in 2006 with the intention of providing the highest quality, most innovative and safe delivery of underground conduit installation. We are certified SBE/DBE in both Arizona and Texas, and in 2011 we were accepted and approved by the US Small Business Administration as an 8a Contractor. We currently operate throughout the Southwest providing horizontal drilling, potholing and open trenching to a variety of both public and private companies. Some of our clients include, ADOT, TxDOT, Northern Pipeline, Urban Energy Solutions, USAF, AT&T, Sprint, Arizona Pipeline, Core Construction, Kiewit, City of Phoenix, Salt River Project, and Arizona Public Service. In 2013, we installed over 400,000 feet of conduit, in conditions ranging from “potato dirt”, to cobble, to solid rock, all while maintaining a company culture based upon quality and safety for every foot installed.

R Directional Drilling & Underground Technology, Inc. provides clients with high performance and superior service. The Company is a registered contractor with the Arizona Register of Contractors and has a Certificate of Good Standing with the Arizona Corporation Commission. We believe that exceptional service builds long lasting relationships. Our clients have come to expect excellence—from initial contact through completion of the project and we have built our Company on this core philosophy of operations. R Directional Drilling & Underground Technology, Inc. takes pleasure in a reputation built on dependability in even the most challenging situations. Our success is measured on client satisfaction and therefore you can expect your project to be completed with the highest level of products and professionalism.

Mission Statement

The mission of R Directional Drilling and Underground Technologies, Inc. is to provide top-quality horizontal directional drilling and underground technical services with integrity, dependability and with a level of professionals which exhibits pride and excellence in our daily performance. We exist, through this proves, to provide our employees with a family oriented environment of teamwork that will present stable career opportunities and promotional ladders to support and encourage each employee to follow their dreams.

We recognize the foundation of success is commitment to the industry for safety, commitment to our employees for career and personal growth, commitment to our customer for service and commitment to our community and environment to hold our values to the highest standards and pledge to do so without fail.


We pledge to conduct our business and professional activities with the dedication to honesty, compassion and ethics with the highest level of integrity and commitment. We pledge our dedication of providing innovation, foresight and integrity to:

  • hold all industry safety standards and provide outreach opportunities within our safety and damage prevention program to compliment the industry
  • be the leader in horizontal directional drilling and underground infrastructure solutions
  • establish successful partnership with our Clients by exceeding their expectations and providing exceptional services by every member of our construction TEAM
  • develop a challenging and rewarding career path, promotional ladder and environment of TEAMWORK within the company culture for every employee